About Us

AimPutt is a UK based company with a passion for golf and design.


We want to move the game of golf forward, in particular putting, by accelerating golfers’ understanding of the game regardless of handicap or experience. 

Our brand was born on the putting green. 

Putting is a game within a game, with a simple premise - put the ball in the hole. And whilst trying to improve your putting with the use of training aids and videos online, the same question keeps coming up; “are my eyes looking straight down the sightline?”  

In other target based sports such as shooting, darts or pool, it’s much easier to aim correctly as you stand face on to the target. In golf it’s a little different.

The well-known old methods of “dropping a ball from the bridge of your nose”, using a string line and putting mirrors were not confirming this.  Even worse, they appeared to give a distorted view.

So we sought to change this. 

Our aspiration was to develop a device that was conclusive in informing golfers that their eyes were correctly over the ball and looking straight down the target line.  

By fulfilling this aspiration, we aim to help golfers get more enjoyment from the game by holing more putts!