• Jordan (PGA Putting Coach)


    "All I'm hearing is good things every time I use it. I think coaches would be crazy not to have it in their toolbox!"

  • Tom (County Golfer)


    "Honestly one of the best pieces of kit I've seen in golf as a whole, not just putting."

  • Matthew Baldwin (European Tour Player)


    "They're very good!!"

  • Kai (11 year old Scratch Golfer)


    "It's great for a player looking to get their eyes over the ball and it's smart as it's a gate as well"

  • Danny Randolph (Don Law Golf Acadamey)

    "I love it! It is very practical and has helped my students of all ages. I have been using it as well and seen improvments."

  • Will Urwin (Golf Professional)


    "It's the most simple but most effective tool in my coaching bag"

  • Brad Faxon


    "There are definitely a few players that need to stand better over the putt like I have suggested and I will have it in my repertoire to show people perhaps a better way to address the ball"

  • PD Williams (Former County Champion)


    Constants are crucial to putting consistency. Aimputt provides a key repeatable reference point which enables true eye alignment to hole and putter face. Perception really does become a reality because it is.

  • Charlie Rusbridge

    Winner of Faldo Series event 2024 Penina Golf Resort 🇵🇹.AimPutt helping young player achieve their goals.

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